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For a limited time you can get a personalised Roadmap to higher earning free.  A route to what you want to achieve: earning more so you can make more music.

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At the moment we have funding to offer free website set up & design. (You will need to cover the ongoing  of costs of hosting)...

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Increase your earnings from Teaching

We asked music teachers to tell us about what they're struggling with..they told us: "Teaching can be repetitive, I get  bored repeating the same lesson over again..." - "My students don't practice enough, and are not developing as fast as they could..." "I get paid by the hour, and hours are limited so I can't increase my earnings    more...

SoundSquares Online Earning Engine

Want to increase your earnings from music? The SoundSquares online earning engine gives you the power to manage your relations with fans, customers & clients; to take payments and subscriptions, to manage your students, lessons & courses; and to grow, serve, and earn from your fanbase    more...

Help to Earn More - Free

This free video masterclass explores some techniques you can use to earn more from your music.


Monetise Your Music

Promote Yourself & Your Music on Your Own Website

A SoundSquares specialist musician website grows with you, turning into a platform to help you grow, serve, & earn from your fanbase & /or students. 

Gathering your fans, students clients and customers into your own website is the best way to gain control of your earning potential &  build a list: the time proven way to build a sustainable living from your music    more...

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Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Income from Your Musical Skills

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Many musicians throw their hard won content at the social media wall and hope something sticks. We help you plan out a route to what you want to achieve: earning more so you can make more music.

Earn more money from your music

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Creative Tax Relief for Music Groups

Music Minds Matter: Support for Musicians

Help Musicians UK

BeatBread Loans for Musicians

Youth Music Next Gen Fund


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