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What Professional Musicians Want

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Both as music creators, & as observers in the world of music, we’ve had a unique opportunity to engage with musicians from all backgrounds. Our conversations have given us a profound understanding of the aspirations and motivations that fuel their creative spirits.

These discussions have been nothing short of enlightening, painting a vivid portrait of the passions and challenges these artists face. From shared dreams to individual pursuits, we’re about to take you through an honest reflection of the inner workings of today’s music landscape. So, let’s delve into the narrative and hear directly from the musicians themselves.

Artistic Freedom

Every musician has a unique voice, and most agree that being free to express this voice is vital for their music. For many, it’s about more than just the notes or the beat they create. It’s about telling a story and sharing their feelings. This freedom lets musicians be true to themselves, and that honesty comes through in their music.

When musicians make music, they’re sharing a part of who they are. Their songs are like a window into their world, their experiences, and their thoughts. The more freedom they have to express themselves, the more powerful and authentic their music becomes.

No artist wants to feel boxed in. They want to explore new sounds, try new things, and push boundaries. But to do that, they need the freedom to create without restrictions. When musicians feel free to express themselves, they make music that’s true to their vision. And when music is authentic, it connects with people on a deeper level.

Self Direction

Musicians value the ability to chart their own course, making deliberate choices and embracing personal agency in their creative journey. When it comes to their music, these artists want to be in the driver’s seat. They have a clear vision of the direction they want to take and the stories they want to tell through their songs. They seek autonomy in making artistic decisions, whether it’s experimenting with new genres, exploring unconventional sounds, or blending various musical styles to create their unique signature.

Self-direction also extends beyond the creative realm. Musicians aspire to take control of their careers, managing their own paths and making strategic choices that align with their values and goals. They understand the importance of not solely relying on external validation or waiting for opportunities to come their way. Instead, they actively seek out chances to showcase their talent, build their networks, and forge their own opportunities.

Having a sense of self-direction empowers musicians to stay true to their artistic visions while pursuing their professional ambitions. It allows them to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, adapting to new trends and technological advancements, and embracing entrepreneurship in their musical endeavors.

Sustainable Income

Every artist is aware that passion alone doesn’t pay the bills. It’s a practical truth that can’t be ignored. Every musician we spoke to, highlighted the importance of earning a sustainable income from their art. It’s about more than just getting by. It’s about being valued fairly for the time, effort, and skill they pour into their work.

Musicians dedicate countless hours to perfecting their craft, writing songs, practicing performances, and engaging with fans. They invest not just their time but also their heart into their work. Their hope is to receive financial recognition that aligns with their commitment and the quality they deliver.

Creating a financially stable life from music can be a challenge. It often requires a delicate balance between commercial demands and artistic integrity. But when achieved, it enables musicians to focus on what they love most – creating music. They yearn for a day when their music is not just their passion but also a reliable source of income.

By ensuring their craft is financially rewarding, they can devote more time to music, explore their creativity further, and continue to grow as artists. And when they can do what they love every day and earn from it, that’s when they feel truly successful.

Recognition and Respect

For many a musician, recognition and respect hold great importance in their aspirations. They don’t just crave for applause after a performance; their aspirations reach beyond that. They want their unique sound to make a lasting impact within the industry and among their audience.

Each musician, in their own unique way, seeks to create a distinctive voice in the world of music. They wish for their work to be acknowledged, respected, and appreciated by their peers, fans, and the wider music industry. It’s not about vanity; it’s about acceptance, acknowledgement of their talent, and assurance that their contributions are meaningful and memorable.

Musicians put their heart and soul into their craft, sharing pieces of themselves with every note they play and every word they sing. And when their work resonates with others, when it gets recognition and respect, it validates their efforts and fuels their passion.

They seek to leave a mark, to influence the musical landscape in their own unique way. This isn’t just about fame or success. It’s about creating something that matters, something that will be remembered. It’s about turning the fleeting applause into lasting respect, turning their music into a legacy.

Growth and Development

It’s clear that for many musicians, always aiming higher is a big part of their career. They are in constant pursuit of growth, both personally and professionally. Just like in their music, they enjoy mixing things up, trying new styles, and continually improving their skills.

Growth and development aren’t just about getting better at playing an instrument or singing. It’s about evolving as an artist and as a person. Musicians love to experiment and explore different paths in their music. They strive to push their creative boundaries and take their artistry to new heights.

The musicians we spoke to emphasized how important it is for them to keep learning. Whether it’s discovering a new music genre, mastering a new instrument, or experimenting with different songwriting techniques, every new experience helps them grow.

The desire for growth isn’t just about being the best. It’s about constantly becoming a better version of themselves. It’s about seeing how far they can push their creativity and seeing what they can achieve.

In a musician’s career, growth and development never stop. They keep pushing, keep evolving, and keep making music that’s ever more expressive and authentic. It’s this constant pursuit of growth that keeps their passion for music alive and their careers moving forward.


The next thing that consistently emerged was a desire for stability. The music industry, notorious for its fluctuations, often leaves musicians on shaky ground. This uncertainty can cast a shadow over the undeniable joy of creating music.

Musicians dream of regular gigs, a steady income, and a solid fan base. They talk about the comfort that comes from knowing they can rely on their music to support them. They aspire for the assurance that their hard work will translate into some form of financial security.

A stable income isn’t just about money, though. It’s about having the freedom to focus on their craft without the stress of financial instability. It’s about not having to choose between passion and practicality. It’s about the peace of mind that lets creativity flourish.

Moreover, a solid fan base is more than just an audience for their work. It’s a community that provides support and motivation. It’s knowing that their music is appreciated and that they are not alone in their journey.

Stability, in many ways, acts as a bedrock upon which musicians build their creative lives. It’s not just about weathering the storm, it’s about setting a steady course towards their dreams, one note at a time.

Collaboration and Community

A recurring theme for many musicians was the importance of community and collaboration. Making music isn’t just a solitary pursuit – it’s a collaborative effort that thrives on sharing ideas and inspiration.

Musicians emphasized how much they value the connections they make with other artists. These relationships, they shared, often lead to exciting collaborations, fresh musical perspectives, and lasting friendships.

The act of collaborating, they explained, is a unique process where two or more creative minds meet to create something new. It’s about sharing the excitement of a new melody, solving a lyric problem together, or discovering a new sound in the jamming sessions. These experiences, they expressed, are as fulfilling as the final product itself.

Moreover, being part of a community of musicians provides a sense of belonging. Whether it’s a local scene, a music genre group, or an online artist network, these communities offer support, motivation, and a shared understanding of the unique joys and challenges that come with being a musician.

In essence, collaboration and community are not just about making music together; they are about being part of something bigger. It’s about being inspired and challenged, supported and understood – a vital part of the journey that helps musicians continue to create and evolve.


Speaking to musicians, one realizes quickly how much they aim for their music to do more than just entertain. They envision their songs sparking conversations, their melodies igniting feelings, and their lyrics influencing perspectives.

Musicians shared their desire to create work that resonates with listeners on a deep level. They want to inspire people, to offer comfort or joy, to challenge viewpoints, or simply to make someone think a little differently about the world.

As they explained, their music is a channel for expression that goes beyond personal satisfaction. They seek to touch lives, stir emotions, or even motivate action. Whether they’re writing about personal experiences, social issues, or universal themes, they hope their music can have a positive impact on someone else’s life.

Essentially, these musicians view their art as a powerful tool. They strive to use it to influence, to spark change, or to provide solace – giving their work a sense of purpose that fuels their creative journey.

SoundSquares’ Commitment to Musicians

Informed by our deep-dive into the hopes, dreams, and challenges of musicians, SoundSquares set out on a mission: to forge a solution that supports the professional growth of music creators of all shapes and sizes, and contributes to the betterment of the music industry as a whole. Our vision is a world brimming with beautiful, diverse music – where every artist has the opportunity to thrive.

SoundSquares is our testament to that vision, a platform built to nurture, support, and elevate musicians, enabling them to overcome their challenges and reach new heights in their careers. It is our contribution to making this dream a reality.

Whether it’s about securing a sustainable income, gaining wider recognition, or striking that delicate balance between personal life and a bustling music career, SoundSquares provides tools and resources designed to meet these needs.

If you’re a musician seeking to transform your career, SoundSquares is here to help you navigate the path. Join for free and explore the plethora of resources tailored to aid in your professional journey. Your dreams are valid, and at SoundSquares, we’re committed to helping you turn them into a reality.

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