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Help Musicians UK

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Help Musicians is a UK-based charity that provides support to professional musicians of all genres and disciplines. The charity was founded in 1881 and has helped over 100,000 musicians over the years.

Help Musicians offers a range of services to musicians, including:

  • Financial assistance: Help Musicians can provide financial assistance to musicians who are struggling financially due to illness, injury, or other factors.
  • Equipment grants: Help Musicians can provide grants to musicians to help them purchase essential equipment, such as instruments and recording gear.
  • Training and development: Help Musicians offers a range of training and development opportunities for musicians, such as workshops, masterclasses, and mentoring.
  • Mental health support: Help Musicians’ Music Minds Matter service provides mental health support to musicians, including counselling, peer support, and training for professionals.
  • Advocacy: Help Musicians advocates for the rights of musicians, working to ensure that they have access to the support they need to thrive.

Help Musicians annual income is over £10 million & it employs over 100 staff members.

The charity is a valuable resource for professional musicians in the UK.

The charity’s services can help musicians to overcome financial, physical, and mental health challenges, and to develop their careers.

In addition to the services listed above, Help Musicians also offers a number of other resources to musicians, including:

  • A helpline: Help Musicians operates a helpline that musicians can call for advice and support.
  • A website: Help Musicians’ website provides a wealth of information for musicians, including news, events, and funding opportunities.
  • A social media presence: Help Musicians is active on social media, where they share information and resources for musicians.

If you are a professional musician in the UK, Help Musicians may be able to help you.

Learn more and apply for a Musician’s grant at helpmusicians.org.uk

See more Help Musicians Videos here

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