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Struggling to Build a Following?

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Understanding Your Followers

If you’re struggling to build a following, you need to focus on who your audience is and what their problems are. This is the quickest and easiest way to have a person start paying attention to you, but also sharing your stuff. Because if you help them, then they’ll help you back. You need to start having conversations with your fans followers. When you do that they will start telling you what their problems are, and also what they have tried to solve the problem.What kind of words do they use to describe their problem? When you really get inside their psyche in this way, you can start providing real solutions for them, and explaining your solutions in their language.If you can define the problem better than your target customer, then they are going to assume you have the solution. You want them to think “I found somebody who speaks my language. This is my go-to person.”

How to Figure Out What Your Followers Need

Here are 3 golden questions to figure out what your people need:

  1. What are you struggling with?
  2. What is your number one challenge related to…xyz
  3. What would it look like if you could wave a magic wand and have things exactly the way you want?

People may give you surface level answers, but you need to go deeper. ‘Tell me more about that’ or ‘why’ or ‘what else’. That way you’ll get to the real root of what they need help with, and you can best serve them.You can also explore forums to find problems that people are expressing. You’re looking for the most common problems – that way you’ll have a wider audience. But the best thing is to have a real life conversation. Because this way you build real-life empathy for your target audience.Then when you create your content for your product, you’re not just using a made up customer avatar, you’re using a real life person, and you’re really feeling what they feel, and building a genuine connection. And let’s face it, going after money is soul destroying….It’s relationships that humans live for.Serving someone truly is far more rewarding than just chasing their cash.

The Power of the ‘Quick Win’

Superfan’s are created by the moments you give them over time. As soon as they hear about you, within the first 10 to 15 minutes, you need to give them a quick win. Give them something but they didn’t have before that reinforces that they’re in the right place.Finally once you’re building a community, bring the community together. This means it’s not just you talking to them and then talking to you, it’s them talking to each other too. Then they find their people, and they stick around.Take a few minutes each day to send personal video messages to your fans. This personal connection goes a long way and can be the difference between somebody who’s a fan for 1-minute and somebody who’s a fan for a lifetime.

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