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Promote Your Music on Your Own Website

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So you want to make more money from your music? 

Building an engaging website is essential for driving income as a music creator.

When it comes to connecting your audience, monetizing your music and there are massive advantages to sending your fans directly to your own website rather than relying on social media platforms: 

1) Control: By directing your fans to your own website, you have full control over the content and messaging. This allows you to present your brand and music in the way you want, rather than being subject to the algorithms and policies of social media platforms.

2) Own your Relationship: When you direct your fans to your own website, you get access to their contact details and you own the data generated by their interactions. This means you can continue to build relationships with your fans, and you can contact them, make offers and serve them, when and how you choose, irrespective of the whims of the social media companies.

3) Gather useful informationYou can also  build a more complete picture of your audience and their preferences, which in essential for marketing and targeting purposes, and looking after your people

4) Increased visibility: By directing your fans to your own website, you have the opportunity to increase your visibility in search engines, as your website will be indexed and ranked based on its content and relevance. This can help you attract new fans and grow your audience.

5) Better user experience: Your own website allows you to create a more personalized and cohesive experience for your fans, as you can design the layout and navigation to suit your needs. This leads to a better overall user experience and increased loyalty from your fans.

6) Monetization opportunities: By directing your fans to your own website, you have the opportunity to monetize your content and offerings through various methods, such as merchandise sales, ticket sales, or subscription-based models. This can help you earn more from your music career.

At SoundSquares, our goal is to help as many Music Creators as possible to build independent, thriving businesses.

Grab a free an income accelerator Roadmap (while funding lasts) and plan your route to increasing your earning from music

or apply for to join our Music Entrepreneur Programmes here.

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