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‘Making Music’ Opportunities

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Making Music: National Federation of Music Societies

As the trading name of the National Federation of Music Societies, Making Music takes pride in offering a wide array of services to support and inspire leisure-time music groups and musicians throughout the United Kingdom.

With their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, they empower individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to come together in their communities and create or present their own unique music.

Being the UK’s membership organization for leisure-time music, Making Music boasts an impressive network of over 4,000 groups, representing approximately 228,000 music makers across the country.

Their primary goal is to provide guidance, resources, and support to these groups, ensuring they thrive and make a meaningful impact within their local communities.

They have a range of opportunities for classical musicians, including: The Philip and Dorothy Green Young Artists (PDGYA) awards that have helped kick start the careers of artists including Thomas Gould, Elizabeth Watts and Craig Ogden, by providing up-and-coming classical musicians with performing opportunities with Making Music’s 3,800+ member groups.

The age range for all applicants is 21-27.Making Music  ‘Adopt a Music Creator‘ Programme

Making Music Selected Artist Guide 

Find a Vacancy

Explore Making Music for other opportunites


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