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List your services, whether it’s as a band or solo artist, and get booked for gigs

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Remote recording sessions, audio mixing, composition, online performances and more

Collaborate & Network

Connect with like-minded creatives looking for musicians like you

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List your teaching skills and get enquiries from new students

One Profile, Multiple Directories

Choose what you want to be discovered for, and your profile will appear in all the directories you choose, for example:

Bands for Hire Directory

Freelance Musician Directory

Music Teacher Directory

Craft your unique profile

Describe yourself in a captivating summary, highlight your band members, and showcase your musical identity. Establish the services you offer, your musical style, and the instruments you play

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Boost your visibility

Specify your location, preferred contact method. Add any additional services or products you offer, and improve your discoverability by detailing your unique offerings—be it composition, sync services, remote recording sessions or anything else

Enrich your profile with media

Make a striking impression with high-quality photos, engaging videos, and audio samples. Give potential clients a taste of your talent and make your profile truly resonate

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