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What does it cost?
The following services are included free:

  • Hosting Setup
  • Website Setup
  • Website Design
  • Visual Branding Development
  • Website Editing Tutorials

Website hosting costs are not included and are £7 per month (billed annually – total £84 per year)

How does it work?

1) Click “Apply” – Complete the form. We’ll let you know via email if your application is successful

2) Pay for Hosting – we’ll email you instructions

3) Book Your Onboarding Call – we’ll go through everything with you step by step 

What's included?
Professional Online Presence
This service is designed to quickly establish a professional online presence for you, with a website that you can edit and adapt as your career progresses. Our focus is on providing a solid foundation, and empowering you to go from there.

We present various design styles and ideas from which you will be able to choose to guide our designers. We will then create your site in accordance with the styling and elements you choose. 

Editing capabilities 
You can make changes to your website after we have completed our work. You can also hire our designers for further customisations. 

We provide documentation & video tutorials to help you make changes to your website.

Technical support
Email support for technical issues is included. Please note this does not include free support for design changes.

Hassle-free hosting
The £7 per month hosting fee covers software updates and website hosting management, so you don’t have to worry about these technical aspects of your website.

What's NOT included?

Design Changes
After we complete our work, managing website content will be your responsibility. You will be able to make further changes to the design, styles, and content yourself. We do not offer free support for design changes made by you or any other third party, but you can purchase further assistance as required.

Content Responsibility
You are responsible for managing the content on your website and ensuring you have the proper rights to use the displayed content.

The website upgrades are not included free, but are available with additional monthly fee.


What do I need to do?
Hosting – You need to pay for the  hosting of your website.  £7 per month (billed annually – total £84 per year)

Submit Content – You need to provide us with content for your website (e.g. biography, videos, embed links, text, etc)

Feedback – We would be grateful for your feedback about the service

Testimonial – We would be grateful for a  testimonial about the service

How do I purchase upgrades?

We will discuss this with you in your onboarding call

What visual branding is included free?
We will help guide you in choosing various crucial branding elements that can help you build a distinct visual identity as an artist or music creator.

These include:

  1. Colours
  2. Fonts & Typography
  3. Button Styles
  4. Backgrounds
  5. Design Styles
  6. Text only Logo  

The decisions you make during this process will help you create content in future with a consistent identity that represents you as a music creator.

What is SoundSquares?
SoundSquares is home to a community of musicians & music lovers. 

Dedicated to music, and growth for music creators. 

We’re building a supportive ecosystem where artists can flourish, connect, collaborate & promote, and music lovers can discover new music and new artists to support

It’s free to join.

How is my website hosted?
Your website is hosted on fast, carbon-neutral energy powered servers*. We take care of the hardware & software so you can focus on your content, your people, and your music.

(*Litespeed enabled servers, with fast cabling, and NVMe enabled SSD storage)

What's an Income Acceleration Roadmap?

An Income Acceleration Roadmap is a personalized, step-by-step plan, which our team will create to help you boost your earnings and grow your musical career. We will ask you about your strengths and goals, and use this information to build you a step by step strategy.

It will be tailored to your unique talents and skills. It aims to help you maximise your income and create a fulfilling business around your music.

Some of the guides you may receive include: 

1) Rev up Recurring Revenue: Apply techniques to earn more from your musical skills and knowledge

2) Prime the Pump of Passive Income: Master the art of earning while you sleep

3) Help Your Fans Fuel Your Finances: Learn to monetize your fanbase and turn admiration into profit

4) Perform & Prosper: Maximize your income from potential from gigs while captivating your audience

5) Gig-Getter’s Guide: Uncover strategies to book more gigs and elevate your career

6) Teach to Thrive: A guide to help you scale your teaching business and share your passion

Implementing the strategies in your roadmap will help you grow your business, escape the ‘Time for Money Trap’ and earn on your own terms.

Do I need a domain name?
You can have your website on, temporarily or permanently. 

You can also use any domain you already own, or can buy your domain from any registrar

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