Ernest Tomlinson


Ernest Tomlinson, a renowned British Composer, known for having some of his music featured in the movie ‘Natural Born Killers,’ now has a newly launched website that showcases his remarkable life and prolific body of work.

One of Tomlinson’s notable achievements was founding the Library of Light Orchestral Music, an institution driven by a dual purpose: to preserve the endangered repertoire of light orchestral music and to cultivate a greater appreciation for this captivating genre. Many valuable compositions faced the imminent threat of permanent destruction, prompting Tomlinson to embark on a personal mission to rescue and safeguard this musical heritage.

Motivated by the disheartening reality that publishers and even the BBC were discarding a significant portion of light orchestral music, Tomlinson initiated his collection. By doing so, he not only rescued a vast amount of music but also prevented it from fading into obscurity. His tireless efforts ensured that a wealth of musical treasures, which might have otherwise been lost, found a new home within the Library of Light Orchestral Music.

With the establishment of his website, Ernest Tomlinson’s inspiring journey as a composer and his substantial contributions to the preservation of light orchestral music can now be explored by enthusiasts and admirers alike.


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