Monetise Your Creativity

SoundSquares Music Entrepreneur Development Programme

  • Wants to express themselves
  • Provides value
  • Wants to Feel Heard
  • Listens to the needs of clients & fans
  • Sells hours
  • Sells products
  • Gives all their content away for free
  • Gives some content away as part of a strategy
  • Drives traffic to social media platforms
  • Drives their traffic to their own platform
  • Gets paid in likes and views
  • Gets paid in money
  • Repeats Work
  • Builds recurring revenue
  • Uses 3rd party business tools
  • Uses their own branded business system
  • Has a social media following
  • Has a paying fanbase & membership
  • Does not own data about their audience
  • Owns their own segmented list & client data
  • Advertises for a fee through socials
  • Send email ads for free to their own subscriber list
  • Contacts fans one at a time
  • Harnesses Email Marketing Automation
  • Tries to do everything themselves
  • Outsources tasks whenever they can