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Problems You Face Today as a Music Creator

Unpredictable Income

No Sick Pay

Low Gig Fees

Rising Inflation

Tours are Infrequent

No One Pays for Music

Too Busy to Sell

Too Busy to Learn Marketing

Too Busy to Promote

Selling Feels 'Inauthentic'

Life is Expensive

Teaching is Boring

As a Music Creator, You Want to...

Enjoy Artistic Independence

Focus on Your Own Music

Build Dependable Income

Achieve Financial Stability

Do What You Love Every Day

Live a Creatively Fulfilling Life

Earn from Your Passion

Have People Hear Your Music

Share Your Passion

Choose Your Own Projects

Decide Your Own Schedule

Be Your Own Boss

Luckily For You...

Your skills, experience, ideas, knowledge and passion for music are worth money to the right customer

Its our job to help you unlock this potential...

and give you the tools to turn it into market ready products...



Fan Memberships

Subscription Products

Student Memberships

Online Courses

Patron Plans




Royalty Free Music


Sync Songs

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Sample Packs

Midi Packs

Remote Recording Sessions

Custom Compositions

Video Game Music

Live Stream Performances

Video Messages for Fans

VIP Performances

Function Band Packages

Custom Songs

Knowledge is Key

The truth is, if you don't learn to sell....

You will end up working for someone else who can

We Can Help You

We help Music Creators build a strategy...

Identify the skills they need to learn...

and change the way they approach their business

Client Acquisition

Copy Writing

Content Strategy

Affiliate Marketing



Video Course Creation



Identifying Trends

Getting Synced

Niche Services

Grant Writing

Crowd Funding

Influencer Marketing

Write a Book

Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing

Running Ads

Social Media Marketing

Market Research

Ideal Customer Avatars

Creating Patron Plans

Creating & Selling Educational Resources

Free Income Optimisation Consultation

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Establish Tools and Techniques

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