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Earning Engine Platform Website - Built For You

A full stack platform complete with the tools you need to build a music enterprise

Getting a professional website is one of the most pivotal steps to becoming not just a run of the mill musician, but a music entrepreneur.

Complete with automation tools & software which can help you manage & scale your services to a global audience, it’s the ultimate business development tool.

Create an organized & finely tuned online business, to help you achieve artistic independence & creative freedom.

The Full Stack, Built Into Your Platform

Content Portfolio

E-Commerce Engine

Fanbase Memberships

E-Teaching Hub

Marketing Engine

Business Management Tools

Why Use the Earning Engine?

Discover the benefits of adopting a Music Entrepreneur approach

Build Passive Income

Build Recurring Revenue

Monetise Your Knowledge

Demonstrate Authority

Monetise Your Fanbase

Work Fewer Hours

Build Social Proof

Show Your Knowledge

Scale Your Teaching Services

Make the Web Work for You

Become a Music Entrepreneur

Teach on Autopilot

Spend Your Time Creating Not Working

Monetise Your Skills

Reach More Students & Fans

Build an Independent Business

Become a Music Entrepreneur

Teach on Autopilot

As a Music Creator, you have talent which holds value.

Our job is to help you unlock the potential of your talents...

turn them into market ready offers...

and build you a powerful Earning Engine...

so you can earn from your creations while you sleep

Your Platform Website Features

Showcase, Promote, Create & Sell More than Ever Before

Content Galleries

Media Players

Special Content Types

Gig Calendar

Quick Posting

Sell Products

Sell Services

Automatic Billing

Take Subscriptions

Customer Accounts

Fans Only Areas

Patron Plans

Online Course Portal

Student Membership Areas

Membership Tiers

Endless Selling Possibilities

Fans Only Areas

Patron Plans

Online Course Portal

Student Membership Areas

Royalty Free Tracks

Membership Tiers

Digital Products

Physical Products

Online Courses

Student Memberships

Fanbase Memberships

Live Performances

Custom Songs

Bespoke Compostion

Remote Session Recording

Livestream Concerts


Musical Services

Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

Sample Pack Creation

Midi File Creation

Fan Greetings

Introducing Powerful Sales Enhancing Business Tools

Sales Funnel Builder

Project Manager

Email Marketing Suite

Media Engagement Tracker

Automation Flows

Customer Overviews

Email Campaign Builder

Email Campaign Builder

Customer Support Helpdesk

Whatsapp Chat Widget

Contact & Enquiry Form Builder

Subscriber Optins

Reporting & Analytics

Contact List Segmentation

The Details

12 One to One Mentoring Sessions

12 Week Course

Your Own Membership Platform Website

What do I get?

Successful applicants receive a custom built Website Platform, 12 one-to-one Mentoring Sessions (via video call), and ongoing email contact with their mentor.

Website features can include a Content Porfolio, E-Commerce Shop, Marketing Engine, Booking Engine, Customer Manager, Fanbase Membership Area, Student Membership Area, E-Learning Hub, Email Marketing Software, Music Licensing Platform, and Project Manager.

Pricing - what does it cost?

The cost to build a Earning Engine Platform

However, successful applicants will be offered a place on the programme free of charge, and will receive all website design and build services free.

Other applicants may be offered a discounted price of 50% or more. We are able to offer this kind of discount to most Music Creators who demonstrate they are serious about committing to the work required.

All applicants must cover the monthly fee of their website, which covers hosting, software, software maintenance, technical support by email, etc. Depending on the features required, the website monthly fees range from between £6 - £49. Of course, the aim is that you will be earning significantly more than this from your website.

What criteria are you looking for in applications?

This support is for professional Music Creators from any country, of all genres and disciplines. This includes Vocalists, Instrumentalists, DJs, Music Producers, Composers, Artists, Bands, and more.

We seek to build lasting relationships with Music Creators and we are particularly looking for those who aim to build a sustainable career and income from their music.

Applicants must:

  • be aged over 18
  • have a SoundSquares Music Creator Profile
  • demonstrate a high quality of musical output
  • demonstrate a high quality of content (video, images, articles, social media presence, etc)
  • have evidence of growing following
  • have control over one or more aspects of your career (e.g. self-managing, self-releasing or self-producing)
  • be able to invest at least 7 hours per week
Tell me about the process

Step 1 - Apply for the Music Entrepreneur Programme below. We aim to notify successful applicants within 14 days of application submission. 

Step 2 - If your application is successful and we decide we want to work with you, we will send you information about the next steps, which may involve making an initial payment to setup your website. You will also be invited to book your first mentoring session, and provide us with your content (audio, video, text, images, etc).

Step 3 - During your first mentoring session we will work establish a plan of action and lay it out inside your Project Manager inside your website. The 12 week programme will run from the date of your first session. You will have weekly mentoring sessions, and you will be given assignments in between sessions. You will be able to contact your mentor at any time via email through the 12 week programme.

Step 4 - We aim to make your first website iteration live within 14 days of you uploading your initial content (videos, audio, images, text, etc). We will show you techniques to promote your website upon launch. This first iteration will focus on promoting your brand and your content. E-commerce, membership and other functionality and

Step 5 - We help you implement your strategy and develop your website into a membership platform, including the agreed monetisation and client acquisition methods.

Step 6 - Upon completing the programme, you will receive tutorials for managing your website, and you will be able to ask technical support questions via email at any time.


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